Catching Up on the last Couple of Months

WLM - david at cinnabar

Woah! Really? It’s been over two months since I wrote about performing ‘Wretch’ at Foundry Nights in Berkeley? Seriously, since then, everything has been a bit of a blur. And now, as we get ready to put ‘Wretch’ on stage two more times in the Bay Area before boarding the plane (on Monday!), we’ve somehow arrived at the stepping-off point for our trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Since May, the California contingent of Team Wretch (Sheri Lee Miller, Robin DeLuca, Susan Panttaja and Andy Templeton) have all been working hard to 1. Rehearse the show 2. fundraise! 3. nail down travel plans 4. rehearse the show 5. make cuts and alterations in the script to get it down to under 75 minutes 6. perform the gradually tightening, shrinking, improving show before live audiences (which we’ve done half-a-dozen times since may, not including this weekend’s performances 7. prepare marketing materials for Edinburgh 8. arrange insurance, music licensing, printing of flyers, etc. in Edinburgh 9. rehearse the show, and 10. rehearse the show.

The trickiest parts of performing at the Fringe are needing to get the show down to under that 75 minute limit, and knowing that my stage in Edinburgh is only fifteen feet wide and six feet deep. This is why, for everyone coming to see these last two ‘Bon Voyage’ performances at Cinnabar, I will be performing the show inside a taped-off rectangle the exact dimensions of the stage at the Surgeon’s Hall in Edinburgh. Just so I have lots of practice working inside those limits.

In addition to maintaining this blog over the next several weeks, offering photos and updates about our adventures in international theater performance, Team Wretch will me tweeting and face booking, so do check in from time to time to see how we’re doing.

Thanks for all the support so many of you have offered!


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