Roll Call

It’s just after noon.

The Edinburgh contingent of Team Wretch (with the one exception of  Allo who will be flying in from his home in Boston) will meet up for the trip to SFO in a little less than three hours.

Team Wretch is me, David Templeton, looking forward, at the age of 54, to my first-ever trip abroad (I went to Omaha, Nebraska once!), visiting the land of my grandfather (born 1887 in Glasgow), where I will perform ‘Wretch Like Me’ fourteen times over the course of three weeks.

Status: packed and ready (more or less), trying to finish up some writing assignments before I leave (including this one), and feeling nervous but (finally) a little bit excited.

Sheri Lee Miller, ‘Wretch’ firector and publicity manager. This will be her second trip to the UK, but her first to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and certainly her first time as director of a show appearing in an international theater festival.

Status: Just sent me an email about a media opportunity, and on course for our rendezvous in Petaluma.

Robin DeLuca, stage manager and primary tech-lights-and-sound person. Robin, like me, has never been out of the country, and has been working hard (alongside the rest of us, of course), to get herself mentally and technically ready for whatever comes at us starting with our first show this Friday, August 1.

Status: Um, actually, we haven’t heard from Robin since our show Saturday night. Robin? You ARE going to be here at 3:00 for the rendezvous and departure, right?

Allo Gillinsky, street team operations and theater support. An experienced world traveler, Allo has not only been to Scotland before, he’s been to the Fringe. He’s got family in Scotland, some of whom will be hosting the team later in our run when we move our lodgings to just outside of Edinburgh.

Status: Already in the air, flying from Logan International.

Susan Panttaja, logistics operations and road manager. This will be Susan’s second time in Scotland. The last time, two years ago, she fell and broke her arm and had surgery in Inverness. Because of this, we’re a little wary of the whole break-a-leg thing, and wonder if it would be better luck to say ‘break an arm.’

Status: In ‘Last Minute Land,’ which is one way she has of saying she’s almost ready but still finding things to do. Her other way of saying that is, ‘I don;t know whether to fart, fumble, or wind my watch.’


So that’s us. Team Wretch, the Edinburgh contingent.

Andy Templeton will be helping out from California with various social media, twitter feed details. And we will, of course, carry all of your well-wishes, break-a-legs, break-an-arms, and general good vibes with us.

Now, if we could only hear something from Robin . . .

(Are you out there, Robin? Please phone the Team Wretch home base and let us know your status! We don’t want to leave without you!!)


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