Robin did appear, having lost her cell phone, but with plans to buy a new one in London, before catching a connecting flight to Edinburgh.

She bought it, actually, in San Francisco.

Which was good, because the time between landing in London (a VERY long overnight flight) and the departure of the plane to Edinburgh was so short . . . we almost missed it.

Anyway, she made it. We all departed on time, landed on time, and are now . . . I barely believe it is true . . . in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Tomorrow . .. many tasks to accomplish, connections to make (we finally meet up with Allo!), things to pick up, and much work to do.

For now, it is time to sleep . . .

By the way, did anyone know there is a CASTLE in this town?

Of course you did. So did I, because my Great Grandmother wa born in the dungeon of that castle many, many years ago. It’s true. But that’s a story for another time.

Till then, I shall get some rest.

Because, you know . . . enough of this sitting around on plains, and busses and taxis. Tomorrow, it’s time for Team Wretch to get to work!!



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