Amazing Grace

photo 2-1

Robin, on the streets of Edinburgh, posters under one arm, a cup of coffee in hand, and Amazing Grace the Sheep puppet showing us what real joy looks like.

We have named our sheepish mascot Grace—and she really is amazing. When we are on the streets handing out flyers, people who speed up to pass us by suddenly slow down when they see Grace. There’s just something about a puppet that brings out people’s receptive nature. 

Allo, also, has figured out a lot of ways to play with the crowd using Grace. 

There are a number of bagpipers who stand and play near where a lot of the flying takes place, along the Royal Mile. And of course, they tend to play Amazing Grace a lot. But we have yet to experience the gorgeous symmetry of having a piper play amazing Grace while amazing Grace (the sheep) plays with the crowd. 

There’s still plenty of time for that, I suppose.

photo 1-3

Allo, fixing a cup of coffee before heading out to “the mile” for a morning of flyering on the streets.



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