Allo with ladies

ALLO IN ACTION: Charming strangers and handing out flyers by the hundreds at the Edinburgh Fringe

“Flyering” is not really a word—but that doesn’t matter here at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 
Without “flyering,” most shows here would’t have much of an audience, in the early days before reviews and word-of-mouth drive people to specific shows.

On Team Wretch, Allo is our Master Flyerer.

Allo with puppet

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE: “This sheep has traveled 5,000 miles to hand you this flyer.”

Every morning, he hits the Royal Mile with a backpack full of postcard-sized flyers, and through sheer charm, with and a sense of improvisational fearlessness, gets those flyers into hundreds of hands.

Sometimes, he uses our resident mascot sheep puppet Amazing Grace (discussed in a previous post), getting the attention of passersby in unpredictable ways.


“Hello! I have a serious question for you. [Beat] Have you ever taken a flyer from a sheep?”

Often, he’ll take that following moment to describe the show.

He’s so good at this, and so charming and amiable with the people he encounters, some of them have actually said, “You’re not in the show? Well, we don’t want to see it if you’re not in it.”

Still, people do come, sometimes saying, “Allo sent me!”

Allo with puppet close-up

AMAZING GRACE THE SHEEP: handing out flyers on the Royal Mile

And sometime soon someone will probably say . . .

“Hi! I’m here because I took a flyer from a sheep.”



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