Spinning a Website

The primary website for Wretch Like Me (www.wretch-like-me.org) has been through a number of changes over the last few weeks, the first updates given to the site in over a year. The most significant change, other than the new dates of upcoming performances, is the new video box on the home page. The video it links to is an adapted version of the ‘Wretch’ Indiegogo “pitch” video. Basically . . . I cut out the pitch part, and left all of the stuff that tells my story and my inspirations to create ‘Wretch Like Me.’

The new version includes new music, and a rearranged  ending.

With the website prominently listed on all of the postcards and posters for the Fringe run of ‘Wretch,’ the video and other items on the site will be the first impression people have of ‘Wretch Like Me.’

You can help by telling people about the site, and maybe linking to it on your Facebook page.

The Fringe runs September 11-26. The first ‘Wretch’ date is Sunday, Sept. 13 at 4:00.


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