One week out, then one week more

WLM - Living RoomOne of my favorite performances last year, in the lead up to going to Edinburgh with ‘Wretch Like Me,’ was performing the play in the living room of Blair Hardman. It was a special fundraising event, and it was intimate, up-close, a little bit intimidating—and loads of fun. I’ve been carrying that energy with me over the last few weeks of rehearsing ‘Wretch Like Me’ (in preparation for six shows in September), as I have been rehearsing . . . in my own living room.

Got one more rehearsal tomorrow, with stage manager Robin DeLuca, and with some luck, maybe one more in the coming week with director Sheri Lee Miller.

Then, on Saturday and Sunday, September 5 and 6, I’m performing at Lucky Penny Community Arts Center  in Napa. One evening show and one matinee, will be a great time to bring the show back to Napa (we did a few small shows there last year), and will effectively work to get the show super-warmed-and-ready for my San Francisco Fringe Festival debut on September 13, the first of four shows at Exit Stage Left on Eddy St., in SF.


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