‘Wretch’ takes a break

20150905_202139-1-1Well. With our final performance last Thursday, ‘Wretch Like Me’—after something like six years, several incarnations, two directors, over a hundred performances, and one international excursion—is going back on the shelf for a while.

I have accomplished just about all of the major things I’d hoped for with this show. Mainly, we did the San Francisco and Edinburgh Fringe. I still hope to someday have a full theatrical run in the City, and see what that little clapping man in the Chronicle’s review pages has to say about my show.

I’d love a run at the Marsh, where ‘Wretch’ had a Marsh Rising workshop performance a few years ago.

But now is time to work on the next show, ‘Polar Bears.’

It’s all written, and we go into rehearsals in late October or early November, with a premier date of December 4 at Main Stage West in Sebastopol. Sheri Lee Miller will direct, and yes, it’s another solo show. Actually, this will only be my second solo show. PB-MSW poster (New Dates) no addres PB-jpegEverything else I’ve written since ‘Wretch’ has been a two-actor show. So ‘Polar Bears,’ especially given the recent passing of my father, who is a character I will play in ‘Polar Bears,’ this should be a powerful and wonderful experience.
And it will have a big dose of Christmas magic, too.
I’m genuinely excited to move into this next phase.

In the next year, I also have the following to look forward to:
The publishing, in the summer, of my first novella, ‘Mary Shelley’s Body,’ which will appear in the anthology ‘The Eternal Frankenstein,’ published by Word Horde Press.
The stage adaptation of that story, which I am turning into a one-WOMAN-show, to appear on stage in Sonoma County in 2016 (details to be released sometime soon).
Another book, which I am co-writing with a local therapist-writier.
A cooperative theater project titled ‘Conversations with Our Fathers,’ in conjunction with Actors Basement.
And then I will start working on another new play: one with FIVE actors.
And possibly another adaptation, of a classic novel that happens to be close to my heart.
So I’m going to be busy.

WretchFringeLogoHopefully, there will be a resurrection of ‘Wretch’ in the not-too-distant future. I’m open to being surprised by opportunities I might not even know exist. If that doesn’t come to be, well . . . it’s been a great ride.

‘Wretch Like Me’ has truly changed my life.

My thanks to everyone who’s been a part of it!


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